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PredPlantPTS1: a web server for Plant PTS1 Protein Prediction

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For more information, please refer to: Sigrun Reumann, Daniela Buchwald and Thomas Lingner
PredPlantPTS1: A Web Server for the Prediction of Plant Peroxisomal Proteins.
Frontiers in Plant Science 3:194, 2012. [WWW]


Thomas Lingner, Amr R. Kataya, Gerardo E. Antonicelli, Aline Benichou, Kjersti Nilssen, Xiong-Yan Chen, Tanja Siemsen, Burkhard Morgenstern, Peter Meinicke and Sigrun Reumann
Identification of Novel Plant Peroxisomal Targeting Signals by a Combination of Machine Learning Methods and in Vivo Subcellular Targeting Analyses.
The Plant Cell, April 2011 [WWW]

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